Announcing PCR Educator's UI Update

Drum roll, please (you can do that in your head or tap it on a desk, or maybe even a chair).

PCR Educator is beyond excited to announce our big surprise: a fully redesigned User Interface!

Your calls for a more modern user experience haven't fallen on deaf ears. We are right there with you and we feel it's time to take that next step into the future.

To anyone concerned about the release of an update like this mid-school year, have no fear! 

While the update is significant, it will not dramatically alter any of the processes that you and your school are accustomed to. Adding to that, the update will initially be provided only to a select few that opt-in. Expect to hear more about that process very soon...

From there, we will listen to the early adopters and fine-tune the full rollout based on user input. We will provide a multitude of content explaining the update and everything it entails, including step-by-step demonstrations.

Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page, and keep an eye out for our emails for more UI news.

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PCR Educator K-12 School Information System is an online database engineered for independent and private schools to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design. Being a complete cloud-based solution, PCR Educator system guarantees convenient access anytime, anywhere.

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