Budget Manager Purchase Order Item Approval

Budget managers approve purchase order items associated with GL Accounts that they are responsible for. To approve purchase order items, navigate to Finance - Manager PO Items, select the line items and use the multi-action “Approve PO Items”. You must have the FinanceAccountMgr Full role to access these pages.

The PO items you are approving appear at the top of the page.  For each PO line item, you may determine the Approval or change the Account specified on the purchase order.

Approval - Purchase order line items are initially “Pending” meaning no decision has been made.  Change Approval to Approved or Declined.

Account - The account may be incorrect or unspecified.  You may change the account to one of the accounts that you are the manager for, or you may blank out the account if a different manager needs to approve the line item.

Note:  Remember to click Save to save your changes!

At the bottom of the page is a summary of your accounts to assist you with budgeting.  In the upper right corner of the summary is a drop down for the selected fiscal year.  Note: As PO items are switched between Pending/Approved/Declined, the numbers will update in the summary.

Definition PO Status PO Line Item
Committed Purchase Order items awaiting approval. Submitted for Approval or Approved Pending
Obligated Line items on the purchase order are approved but the purchase order is not accepted. Submitted for Approval or Approved Approved
Encumbered The purchase order has been accepted. Accepted Approved
Actual Actual transaction total for the fiscal year. Note: Posted transactions only.
Budgeted Budget total for the fiscal year.

Note: Purchase Orders with a status of Received or Complete would have been invoiced and included in the Actual total.

Example: The following demonstrates where the amount appears for a purchase order as it moves through the purchase order process.
Commitment Obligation Encumbrance Actual
A new purchase order is created and not yet submitted for approval
The purchase order is Submitted for Approval with all items Pending
A budget manager Approves some or all of the purchase order line items
A finance officer Accepts the purchase order
The purchase order is fulfilled by an invoice. The status is either Received or Competed
If, at any point, the purchase order is Canceled

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