Closing the School Year Update Status/Substatus for Next Year

In Admin > Students, users can view the current and next year status/substatus for their student.  Note:  The next year status and substatus may be different depending on which school division you are currently accessing.  Another way to evaluate students and their status' is to create a DAT report using Students and linking in the Statuses By Division table.

The administrator can update student status/substatus for next academic year to indicate students who are graduating, returning, or withdrawing.  These changes are configured by Recording Student Actions which determine the Status/Substatus Calculation - Student.

One method is to find all students who are currently newly enrolled and mark them as Active or Returning for the next year. Similarly, all non-returning students can be marked as Withdrew for next year and all Pre-Enrolled students can be marked as Enrolled/Newly Enrolled for next year. Each school may have its own preference for handling this workflow.

Note: The next year student status and substatus will become the current year status and substatus after Closing the School Year.

Note: For students to access the CMS Portals, the student user must have a role of Student.  For parents to access the CMS Parent Portal, the parent user must have a role of Parent or ParentNY.  These roles are calculated according to the Roles Dictionary.  Any student whose status next year is “Graduated” will lose their access to the CMS portals when the school year is closed. To temporarily give students and parents access after Closing the School Year, you can create an action named something like “Portal Access” with an “Enrolled” status modifier, and give it to the student for the next academic year. That way, their status will remain “Enrolled” until you decide to revoke their access by removing the “Portal Access” action at a later date.

Note: The Graduated date on the transcript is usually based on an action of the same name.  It is possible to have a Graduated action configured to not change the status, and instead use a different action to change student status' to Graduated at a later date.  This way the correct graduated date is shown on the transcript while the student status temporarily remains Enrolled until another action changes the status to Graduated.
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