Configuring Parent Portal for Parent Teacher Conferences

Signups for a Parent Teacher Conference are made by the parent.  The parent will first pick the desired Teacher, then the Date, then the Time on that day.  The teachers appearing in the dropdown will be based on the currently selected student.  The dates will be limited to only days that the teacher has an open time slot.  Only open time slots will be shown.

To add the widget for parent teacher conferences to a page, you would find it under Updatable > Parent Teacher Conf.  The settings specific to this widget include:

Limit Signups
- None means there is no limit per Course Section or per Teacher
- Once Per Student Per Course Section means that the parent may meet with the same teacher multiple times.  Useful if the time is needed to discuss course subject matter for each course.
- Once Per Student Per Teacher means that even if the student has multiple classes with the same teacher, the parents can still only sign up for that teacher once.

Max Signups Per Household limits the total number of signups by the household across all their students. 

Example: if the household has 5 students, and the max signups per household is 2, they will be able to sign up for at most 2 conferences.  If the setting is empty, there is no limit.

Max Signups Per Student limits the household signups based on how many students they have.  If the setting is empty, there is no limit.

Read Only is used if you just want parents to be able to see their signups without making changes.  You would use this to make a reporting only page.  If the current date is outside of the open date ranges for parent teacher conferences in Configuring Marking Period Info, then the widget will automatically be read-only.

Show All Students when checked will show parent teacher conference sign-ups for all a household's students.  If unchecked, only the currently selected student's signups will show up.

Limit Signups, Max Signups Per Household, Max Signups Per Student all work together when limiting signups.

Households will not be able to sign up for conflicting times.

Note: For signups, Parent Teacher Conferences use the time zone specified in the CMS application settings.  If no timezone is specified the local server time is used.

Note: Parent Teacher Conferences only display slots for primary teachers for each course section for the selected student. 

Note: Parent teacher conferences are specific to the teacher, not the course section.  This means that individual teachers have their own parent teacher conference schedules.  Secondary teachers won't see the primary teacher's schedule.
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