Creating Chart Layout

      1. Navigate to Finance > Maintenance > Chart Layouts
      2. Click the Add New button
            a. Enter Chart Layout Name
            b. If Show Debits Negative is checked, reports will display any debits as negative amounts.
            c. Check Public Available to share the layout with other members of your finance team.
      3. Click Save.  You will now see the new layout in the dropdown menu.  Select the new layout.
      4. Click the + icon
            a. Label: Enter the name of the layout item. This label is printed on the report.
            b. Show Debits: Select how you want to display debit amounts for this node. Inherited will pull from the setting specified in the node one level above.
            c. Header Bolded: Select this option to bold the header
            d. Header Underlined: Select this option to underline the header
            e. Suppress Header: Select this option to suppress the header
            f. Footer Bolded: Select this option to bold the footer
            g. Footer Underlined: Select this option to underline the footer
            h. Item Account Number: This section allows you to specify which accounts are included under this layout item. If the layout item is meant to group sub-levels, you may not have any accounts under that layout item, but you may have sub layout items with accounts. 
                  i. Like: Use this option to add accounts that have a specific value in the account number structure.
                  ii. Range: Use this option for accounts within a range. Note: You will need to specify the full account number when using this option. 
                  iii. In: Use this option to select the accounts from a drop down
            i. Click Add Condition
      5. Click Save
      6. Follow steps 4 and 5 to add more layout items.  Note: You can create up to 10 levels.

Note: When adding accounts to a layout item, please consider any accounts that may be added in the future and the account number structure that will be used.
Note: If not all accounts of a specific type are included, the totals in your reports may not match the totals in other parts of the system. Example: If some Expense accounts are not included in the layout, the totals in your custom chart layout report may not match the standard report that is run using the default layout.  In this case, use the Missing Accounts link to find which accounts are missing from your Chart Layout and add them as needed.

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