PCR Educator Parent Portal and Teacher Portal have so many important and convenient features that you are pretty much guaranteed to visit them several times a day. While our responsive design layout makes online access from mobile devices convenient and user-friendly, we want to remind you about one cool feature which will further enhance your teachers and your parents’ experience. Using visual bookmark option for iPhones and iPads you can now add PCR Educator’s icon to your tablet’s home screen. What’s more amazing is that the icon can display the school logo if you also use PCR Educator’s website. To make this feature even more exciting, we should mention that it takes less than a minute to setup:

Step 1:

Load the desired page using Safari on your device. Touch the action button.

Tip 1:

Make sure that you choose a page within Parent Portal or Teacher Portal (as opposed to the login pages)

Tip 2:

If you don’t have the link handy, email it to yourself so that you don’t need to type long URLs.

Step 2:

On the popup screen, touch the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Step 3:
Either keep the default name provided or type another name you prefer. When you are ready, tap the Add button to create the icon on the Home screen.


Don’t choose a name that’s too long because it needs to fit under a standard icon. 

Now you have your icon on the home screen:

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