Merging Duplicate Inquiries

Merging Duplicate Inquiries is a feature that allows administrators to identify two inquiry records and merge them into one record. Since the system automatically prevents duplicates, this situation is rare. When entering inquiry information on the Inquiry Online page, a duplicate check is performed. The inquiry first name, last name, and birth date are used to match records already entered in Admissions. 

Follow these steps to merge two inquiry records into one:
- Go to Admissions > Inquiries/Applicants.

- Select the two duplicate inquiry records that you want to merge. Note: If there are more than two entries that need to be merged, the process will need to be completed two entries at a time. Note: The system shows the number of potential inquiries in the upper right corner. When you click on it, the system shows these potential duplicates.

- Go to multi-action Merge Inquiries. 

- The system displays information for both inquiries side by side.

- Identify the information that you want to keep.

- Click the Merge Inquiries button. Note: Once the two records are merged, the original records no longer exist.

Once the merge process is completed, the system presents the merged inquiry record. 

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