Processing Returned Customer Payments

Processing return Payments applies to bounced, rejected, or not sufficient fund eCheck and Check transactions.

To process Returned Customer Payments, you need the FinanceGL Full role.

1a. If your payment processor includes all checks in the deposit (including the bounced/rejected/nsf ones) and the returned payment is shown as a separate transaction on your statement, please follow Voiding Returned Customer Payment.

1b. Alternatively, If your payment processor excludes returned payments from the deposit and only notifies you about such instances without any traces on their statements, please follow these steps:

- Navigate to Finance > AR > Customer Receipts and find the original customer receipt.
- Go to Details.
- Associate the receipt with a new deposit by using the Deposit dropdown and selecting “New Deposit” and enter the Deposit Description.  Example: This new deposit may be referred to as “Bounced Deposit” to note why the receipt is separated into its own deposit.  This step will ensure that the original deposit will properly reconcile with the payment processor because it will not include the returned payment.
- Post the new deposit.
- Follow Voiding Returned Customer Payment.
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