Purchase Option

Purchase Options determine how the available balance is calculated for purchases from Point of Sales (POS), including Cafeteria.  Note: Purchase Options are specific for each ledger.  If you have a Lunch ledger and General ledger, different rules may be specified for the same person in each ledger.

There are two ways to run the Point of Sales, and a combination of both may be used.  
1. The Debit Balance option allows customers to preload available funds which then are used by the student or teacher for purchases. 
2. The Credit Balance option allows schools to extend credit to students and teachers, who are able to charge purchases on the account even if their balance is equal to or less than zero. 

Max Per Invoice limits the total of each POS invoice. This setting is typically used in situations when a student is overspending and parents want to limit the total per purchase.

Max Unpaid Balance is the maximum allowed credit balance.  This option is typically used for the credit balance setup, where Max Unpaid Balance is set to the amount of credit to be extended. Note: Max Unpaid Balance is based on the actual customer balance at the end.  The actual customer balance is determined by the Balance CalculationExample:  The Max Unpaid Balance is ($50).  The customer's actual balance is ($42).  The customer has $8 of credit still available for POS purchases.

Currently, there is support for:
    - Student Purchase Options
    - Teacher Purchase Options
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