Unable to Login

If a user is unable to log in:
    1. Confirm that the correct username is being used.  Note: Copying and pasting a username out of an email will sometimes include an extra space at the end.  Make sure the username is spelled correctly.  Note: Make sure Caps Lock is off.
        i.  Confirm that the user is Approved and that the user is not Locked Out.  A user cannot log in if they are not Approved or if they have been Locked Out.  If a user has been unapproved, make sure there isn't a business or security reason for the user being unapproved.

    2. Confirm that the correct password is being used.
        i. If the option is available, advise the user to reset their password using a Forgot Password option.  Note:  An email will be sent to the email address associated with the user containing further instructions on how to reset the password.  Note:  If the user has been locked out due to too many failed password attempts, Forgot Password will unlock the user.
        ii.  Reset the user's password yourself to ensure the password is a known value.  Note:  The password must be at least six characters long.  Note: Once the user logs in, they should change their password to something only they know.

    3. Confirm the link/page that the user is trying to log into.
        i. If they are trying to log into (Re) Enrollment Contract or (Re) Enrollment Forms) and receive a message “The scn or appId is invalid” then the link they are using is missing important information.  Find out where they received the link from.  If they received it from an email, then the email originator needs to make sure a correct link is sent to all recipients.  If they are accessing it from a website link, the website link needs to be corrected.

    4. Have them try logging in using a different browser.  If they are able to successfully log in with a different browser, then they should clear their cache and cookies for browser they want to use and try again.

    5. If the user is trying to log into a non-PCR Educator page, refer to Troubleshooting Web Services.  

    6. If your school is set up for LDAP, confirm that the username exists in your LDAP configuration and that the username matches the username in Security > Users.

If they are still unable to log in, then they most likely are missing something required to access the page itself.  In this situation, the user is constantly redirected to log in again even though their username and password are correct.  If the username or password were incorrect, they would receive a message indicating so.  If there is no such message proceed to:
     - Unable to Login - CMS Website
     - Unable to Login - Administrative Portals

If you still cannot identify why the user is unable to access the page, submit a ticket to PCR Educator support.  Email support@pcreducator.com and include the user name, the login link they are trying to use, and a “bookmark” link to their user in Security > Users > Details.
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