Once any gradebook assessment associated with the category has a grade, you are no longer permitted to change the gradebook category weight for that course section.

If you want to use new weights for the upcoming marking period, you need to create a new category (or set of categories) with the desired weights and make sure the new assessments are created with the new categories.  

Example: Suppose you have two categories, “Tests” is worth 40% of the grade and “Homework” is worth 60% of the grade.  In quarter 2, you decide you want Tests to be worth 50% and Homework to be worth 50%.  To accomplish this, create a category called “Tests Q2” and “Homework Q2” with the appropriate weights.  This way, you are not changing the gradebook category weighting for an existing category; instead, you are creating new gradebook categories with new gradebook category weights.  Make sure that all your gradebook assessments in quarter 2 are using the new categories.

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