Why can't I change the Category or Assessment Weight preferences for my gradebook?

The settings for Gradebook Category and Gradebook Assessment weighting can have a very significant impact on how grades are calculated.  Therefore, as soon as there is a single saved Progress or Report Card mark for the course section - in any marking period - the ability to change the course section's weighting preferences is disabled.  Note: The school administration can temporarily enable changing weights and preferences per course section by specifying an Allow Weight Calculations Overwrite Until date.

In the specific case where a teacher did not specify any preferences, the preferences can be added by navigating to Admin > Courses or Scheduling > Courses and using the “Gradebook Preferences” multi-action. You must have both Registrar Full and Security Full roles to access this multi-action.  Regardless which setting you choose for Update Sections Having, if the preference has not been specified for a course section, it will be added.  Note: All sections of the selected courses will be updated.

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