Advancing Admissions Records - Next Academic Year

Advancing Admissions Records to next year allows you to reactivate inquiry records from previous admissions seasons.

This is typically done to allow the admissions department to reach out to all these potential applicants, inviting them to apply for the new year. Another reason is to update active inquiry records of those who started the process in the previous admissions year, but continue to be interested in the school. In this case, instead of restarting the process, they typically need to continue the started process, so their actions and checklist need to be updated to the new admissions year.  

1. Navigate to Admissions > Inquiries/Applicants
2. Search or filter all inquiry records who need to be reactivated from previous admissions seasons. Note: You may want to save your criteria as a DAT Filter for reuse.
3. Starting from the highest applying for grade level, repeat the following process one grade level at a time:
      3a. Within the search results from step 2, limit the inquiries to one applying for grade level.
      3b. Select all records from 3a.
      3c. Use the multi-action “Update Fields” to update their Applying For Grade to the next grade level. If you wish to advance their current grade level as well, please update their current grade level to match the new academic year.  Example: if you used the search criterion Applying for Grade = 11 in step 3a, then you need to set Applying for Grade to 12.  
      3d. Repeat this process while working towards the lowest grade levels.  Note:  You might have only a few students in later grade levels and choose to update those students manually.  
4. Repeat the process described in step 3 for current grade level that also needs to be updated.

5a. If you are working with a group of students who will restart the admissions process:
      - For all the students from step 2, use Recording Inquiry Action - Bulk to add an Inquiry Action or any other action for the new academic year.  Note:  This process may reset all statuses, substatuses, or both depending on your action settings.  You may need to apply a second action to reset their substatuses.  Example: You could create a dedicated action named “Auto Prospect '' to distinguish all records which were advanced from the previous year and set the statuses and substatuses with a single action.  Note:  You may want to include a comment in the actions indicating that these actions were added due to manual advancement.
5b. If you are updating active inquiry records to the new admissions year to allow them to continue the process without restarting:
      - For all students from step 2, navigate to Admissions>Actions and select all  inquiry actions only for the previous year. Then use the multi-action Update Fields. Update academic year to the new admissions year. Then update applying grade level id to the new grade level. Example: if you had a student applying for 21/22 for 8th grade and then they continue the same application for the 22/23, the inquiry actions associated with this process need to be updated to 9th grade.
6. If you would like to preserve the association between inquiry records and their evaluators, navigate to Admissions>Inquiries/Applicants and select all inquiries from step 2. Then use multi-action Advance Evaluator Assignments. 

6a. If you are working with a group of students who will restart the admissions process, use the Copy Assigned Evaluators to New Academic Year button.

6b. If you are updating active inquiry records to the new admissions year to allow them to continue the process without restarting, use the Update Academic Year for Assigned Evaluators button.

7. Using the list from step 2, multi select all records and use update multi-action to update Academic Year field to the active admissions year

8. Send an email to contact the parents/students explaining how to re-apply if desired.

Note:  An important consideration for advancement is the impact on your statistics.  If you use a separate action as in the example from step 5, those records may or may not be included in your statistics or DAT Reports.  The decision on whether to use a new unique action or to apply the Inquiry action will depend on how you want to count these advancing records.
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