Integrated Web Based School Information Management & Website Software

Connect your entire school increasing communication, profitability and student success

School Information Management System & Website Software


PCR Educator’s web-based CRM for schools is an integrated database that connects your entire school delivering a seamless experience for students, family, and staff.

PCR Educator Admissions software for independent schools improves the effectiveness of the admissions office and drives more applicants to your website.

Admissions CRM

Improve the first experience of your prospective applicants and students with PCR Educator K-12 School Management System - Admissions software which creates unmatched efficiencies and enables more meaningful connections with families with:
  • Automated Workflow Management and Pipeline Generation
  • Top-of-funnel Tracking
  • Inquiry Nurturing
  • Flexible Online Inquiry form
  • Personalized Online Application with online payments
  • Online Event Registration for open houses, interviews, shadow visits
  • Online Teacher Recommendations with automated reminders
  • Online Applicant Dashboard with live application status, required documentation review, teacher recommendation requests, application fees, test results and interview results
  • Electronic Applicant Rating, Review and Decision process
  • Online Enrollment and Re-enrollment Contract with flexible payment plans, financial aid options, electronic signature, and online deposit processing
  • Online Enrollment and Re-enrollment Forms
  • Powerful email tool for personalized email campaigns, automatic notifications, and mass distributions
  • Built-in analytics and reporting tools with real-time knowledge of student pipeline
  • Financial Aid management
PCR Educator Website solution for independent schools will make your website shine attracting new applicants, donors and connecting your entire constituency.

Content Management System & Website Design Software

Make your school's website gleam with PCR Educator School Information Management System - Content Management System (CMS) which ties directly to the school management database software providing personalized content to all members of your community.

With our CMS which was designed specifically for independent schools you will find:
  • Consistent layout and style between your public website and internal portals (Student, Parent, Teacher, Alumni)
  • Custom and unique design
  • User-friendly tools for building website pages without sacrificing design quality, security, functionality or performance.
  • Advanced user-interactions analytics
  • Powerful personalization tools engineered to provide unique and customized experience to your audience depending on their role in the school, interests, enrollments, donations, participation levels
  • Responsive design
PCR Educator Community Connect for independent schools is a platform for your entire constituency including applicants, students, teachers, alumni, board members, friends, and volunteers.

Community Connect

De-clutter your website and get connected to your community with PCR Educator School Management System - Community Connect - a platform for your entire constituency including applicants, students, teachers, alumni, board members, friends, and volunteers.

Community Connect provides a safe and secure place for your users to access personalized information including:
  • Customized Online Application
  • Online Teacher Recommendations
  • Online Event Sign Up
  • Schedules, Class Lists, Online Course Selection
  • Assignments, Homework, Electronic Assignment Submission
  • Attendance & Discipline
  • Grades, Gradebook, Report Cards, Comments
  • Online Giving, Donation History, Receipts, Automatic Billing Management
  • Online Student Billing, Statements, Invoices, Receipts, Online Payments
  • Email Tool
  • Alumni Networking
  • Online Directories, News, Events, Image Galleries
  • Flexible Calendars
PCR Educator Student Billing and Finance software for independent schools provides integrated software for accounting, enrollment agreements and financial aid management.

Finance & Student Billing Software

PCR Educator School Management System - Accounting software provides a seamless, secure approach for managing accounting at your school with unprecedented levels of convenience for your business office staff, families, and vendors.

By taking advantage of a fully automated enrollment and student billing cycle which includes automated payment processing, you are guaranteed to minimize collections time while simplifying the billing and payment processes for your families. Similarly, our online budget managers feature coupled with electronic purchase orders system aims to make your business office processes more efficient by providing authorized budget managers with direct access to general ledger reports, budget requests, and purchase orders. You will also enjoy processing development donations when all the transactions are directly accessible in the Finance portal along with their family associations, classifications, allocations, and funds information.

Development & Fundraising CRM

PCR Educator School Management System - Fundraising and Alumni CRM are created to acquire supporters, boost retention, upgrade donors, and improve fundraising effectiveness. With our integrated solution which includes personalized Community Connect portals, you are guaranteed to establish valuable relationships with the entire constituency.

Our Development system includes:
  • Donor, alumni, volunteer and supporter management
  • Comprehensive data analysis tools
  • Moves management
  • Performance analysis tools
  • Online donations and event registration
  • Personalized content distributed to different members of your community through online portals
  • Donor Portal and Alumni Portal
  • Advanced email tool created for personalized mass emails, email marketing, automated reminders
  • Full integration with SIS, Admissions and Finance modules
PCR Educator Student Information System software provides a secure educational environment for school administrators, students, teachers and parents.

Student Information System Software

PCR Educator School Management System - Student Information System (SIS) is the core component of our comprehensive school management software solution for K-12 private schools. It provides a safe and protected place for your users to manage student data and share academic records securely with students, parents, and your whole community using the following features:
  • Gradebook, LMS, reportings marks, comments, online grades, and comments review system
  • Customized Student Dashboards and Analytics
  • Flexible reporting with Data Mining Tool
  • Comprehensive Scheduling module matching your school's unique culture
  • Email and Mail correspondence with automated deliveries, personalized templates and transparent
  • Attendance and Discipline management
  • Transportation and Bus Schedules
  • Student Health with online health forms, immunization records, nurse room functionality, RX dispersal, health issues
  • Enrollment and Summer Forms with the ability to update student and household biographical information, provide medical and other consents, upload required forms, track completion
  • Enrollment Contracts customized for different student groups with automated Financial Aid discounts, payment plan selection, mandatory and optional fees, electronic signature, automated fee determination, online deposit processing and sign up for automated payments
PCR Educator Cafeteria software for independent schools is guaranteed to organize your lunch room.

Cafeteria Point of Sale Software

Make your cafeteria as efficient as it can be with PCR Educator School Management System - Cafeteria POS software which delivers an unprecedented list of features:
  • Eliminates cash or ticket systems
  • Provides for debit accounts/meal credits
  • Allows parents to preorder lunch online
  • Allows teachers to specify lunch choices while taking attendance
  • Allows parents to review cafeteria purchases and pay bills online
  • Process entire meal transactions in less than 5 seconds
  • Supports National Lunch Program
  • Provides complete confidentiality for students on the Free & Reduced program
  • Generates state and federal reports
  • Supports the full accounting cycle
Raise your summer revenue with PCR Educator Summer Camp and Summer School software for independent schools.

Summer Camp Software

Focus on delivering an exceptional camp experience while PCR Educator School Management System - Summer Software takes care of the necessary administrative processes from marketing and registration to accounts receivables and reporting. Built specifically for camps and youth programs, our module is also designed to attract more campers by allowing you to utilize the best marketing tools directly from our system. The system includes:
  • Personalized and customized registration forms
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Automatic payments
  • Mobile Registration
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Staff Portal
  • Camper and Parent Portals
  • Promotions and coupons management
  • Personalized mass emails
  • Mini-sites


What is School Management System? What is School Information System?


School Management System, or School Information System, is software that automates the life cycle of a student from admission to enrollment, maintains academic and medical records, facilitates collaboration, allows schools to collect tuition, fees and donations, conduct exams and print report cards.

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PCR Educator K-12 School Information System is an online database engineered for independent and private schools to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design. Being a complete cloud-based solution, PCR Educator system guarantees convenient access anytime, anywhere.

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