(Re) Enrollment Contract Checklist

PCR Educator's (Re) Enrollment Contract Checklist provides a quick summary of items to review before going live with (Re) Enrollment Contract Application.

Finance/Financial Aid Portal

- Ensure products have the correct amounts: Finance > Maintenance > Products
- Create fiscal year: Finance > Maintenance > Fiscal Years
- Add Financial Aid Awards 
- Configure (Re) Enrollment Contract Holds- Advance students to next Grade Level

(Re) Enrollment Contract Application

(Re) Enrollment Contract Settings

- Configure Student Criteria DAT Filter. This determines the students that are eligible for the (Re) Enrollment Contract.
- Associate a Submit Contract Action and Not Enrolling Action (Skip Payment Action is optional)
- Make sure Allow Resubmit button is not checked
- A/R Account must be specified 
- If collecting payments, Payment Configuration must be specified.  See Configuring Payment Configuration for more information.
- Uncheck Test Mode
- Specify Invoice Attribute.  Note: Each (Re) Enrollment Contract application should use a unique invoice attribute.

(Re) Enrollment Contract Profile

- Make sure all of your profiles are associated with DAT Filter. This determines which students fall into which (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.


- Review Enrolled Students Un-Accounted For list and confirm these students are not returning
- Ensure Students Match Multiple Profiles =0
- Confirm No Parent Login for Student Contract =0
- Confirm Profiles Missing Payment Terms =0
- Confirm Profile Control Missing Payment Terms =0
- If you were testing with real students, make sure to Clean Options, Clean PDF, and Clean Submit Action

(Re) Enrollment Contract Section

- Make sure all of your section titles are correct

(Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options

- Verify that of the content/text is correct in each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile of your contract
- Ensure that products are properly associated with (Re) Enrollment Contract Controls
- Make sure the correct payment terms are associated to the (Re) Enrollment Contract Payment Options Control

Testing Contract

- Check to make sure (Re) Enrollment Contract Holds are working properly for a test student
- Make sure Financial Aid Awards are appearing properly on the (Re) Enrollment Contract
- Test Payments to make sure they are going through
- Test each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile as a parent
  a. Opening the (Re) Enrollment Contract
  b. Submitting the (Re) Enrollment Contract
  c. Viewing the (Re) Enrollment Contract
  d. Viewing the (Re) Enrollment Contract pdf in the Finance Portal
  e. Signing/ Merging/Publishing the (Re) Enrollment Contract to the Parent Portal 
  f. Viewing (Re) Enrollment Contract PDF in the Parent Portal
  g. Recording a payment in the Finance Portal

(Re) Enrollment Contract Integrity

- Review (Re) Enrollment Contract Integrity screen to address any remaining issues
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