(Re) Enrollment Contract Cleaning Control Options for Students

Cleaning (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options for Students on a (Re) Enrollment Contract is primarily used for testing purposes.  To access the cleaning options, navigate to the Contract > Profiles page.  Whenever a student starts a (Re) Enrollment Contract, all the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile's (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options for that student are copied to their (Re) Enrollment Contract.  If you make changes to the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile, or to the student such that they qualify for a different (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile, the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options for that student need to be removed (cleaned).  After cleaning, when the (Re) Enrollment Contract is started for the student, the new updated (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile Control Options will be copied.

To clean the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options you must provide the student's id.

The “Clean Options” button clears the current (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options from the student's (Re) Enrollment Contract.

The “Clean PDF” removes the PDF file for a submitted (Re) Enrollment Contract.  PDFs for a (Re) Enrollment Contract are not overwritten unless the Allow Resubmit (Re) Enrollment Contract Setting is specified.

The “Clean Submit/Sign/UnEnrolling Action” removes the Contract actions from the student.  This also has the effect of removing the PDF as the PDF is tied to the action.  (Re) Enrollment Contracts cannot be resubmitted if the student already has a Contract Submitted action unless the Allow Resubmit (Re) Enrollment Contract Setting is specified.

Note:  Cleaning these (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options from a student resets their (Re) Enrollment Contract state as unsubmitted; however, any invoices or payments that were created are still present.  Note: If there are already any non-voided contract invoices and no new payments are submitted, then no new invoices will be created.  This means new financial aid is not applied.  Either void the original invoices, or apply the financial aid awards manually.  

Note:  Previously accepted financial aid is not cleared on this page.  If the student has financial aid which is supposed to be applied to the (Re) Enrollment Contract, make sure the award is not already Accepted from a previous submission.

Apply Selected Profile applies the actions associated with the selected Enrollment Profile to the student whose id is specified in the textbox.  This is used to assist you in testing the various (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles, and should only be used on a test student for the purpose of testing.
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