(Re) Enrollment Contract Confirmation Email Setup

The (Re) Enrollment Contract Confirmation Email Setup is a part of (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings which determines which email templates are used when parents submit a (Re) Enrollment Contract. The confirmation email options are specified on the Contract > Settings page in the “Confirmation Email Setup” section.
Email Domain is the institution's email suffix.  It should include the @ symbol. Example: @myinstitution.edu  Note:  An SPF Record must be registered with your domain before you can specify an Email Domain in the (Re) Enrollment Contract.

Template (Customer Receipt) is the email template used for the deposit payment made by the parent.  This is only sent if a deposit is required and a payment is made at the time of the (Re) Enrollment Contract's submission.

Template (Student) is the email template used for a thank you message confirming that the (Re) Enrollment Contract is submitted.  If the Households Status is set to Primary, you should use a template with the “One email per student” option.  For any other Households Status or Bill To Households options, you would need to use the “One email per student/household combination” option to ensure that the parent user receives an email.
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