(Re) Enrollment Contract Control Option

(Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options are the various settings specific to each (Re) Enrollment Contract ControlNote: These (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options can have different values for each (Re) Enrollment Contract ProfileNote: Each (Re) Enrollment Contract Control has an html edit box to provide a custom description which appears on the (Re) Enrollment Contract and the (Re) Enrollment Contract PDF.

Default To determines whether the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Option should be selected by default or not.  This applies to  (Re) Enrollment Contract Check Box controls, (Re) Enrollment Contract Radio Button controls, (Re) Enrollment Contract Transportation Controls, (Re) Enrollment Contract Transportation Multi Controls and (Re) Enrollment Contract Payment Options Controls.  Note: When multiple choices are available on a control, only one choice should be selected by default.  If you do not choose a default for (Re) Enrollment Contract Radio Button controls, then the first choice is automatically selected.

Product is included on the (Re) Enrollment Contract invoice if the control is selected by the parent.  Note:  If you include a product for a non-selectable control such as a Text control, that product is always included on the invoice.  The tuition product will usually be specified on a text control.  Note:  Specifying a product is optional.  You can leave the product blank for (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options that do not involve fees.  Note: The deposit portion of a product does not appear in the (Re) Enrollment Contract text, but does appear on the summary page prior to submitting the (Re) Enrollment Contract.

Payment Method Option has options for None, Check, Credit Card, and Echeck.  (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings Invoice / Payment Setup has the master list for which choices a user may pay with.  If over the course of submitting the (Re) Enrollment Contract, all of the user's (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options have a Payment Method Option of None, then the user is provided a choice from the master list of payment options on how they wish to pay.  If one of their (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options specifies a specific payment method, then the user is directed to that payment method when submitting the (Re) Enrollment ContractNote: The payment method of Check means “Pay later by check.”  Note: If no deposit amount is due at the time of (Re) Enrollment Contract submission, they are not required to pay during submission. Note: If a Stored Payment Type has been specified in Automated Payment Processing (Finance), even if there is no deposit due, the user is still asked to provide payment information if Credit Card or ECheck were selected.

Payment Term determines the payment term to use for the (Re) Enrollment Contract invoice.  Note: This (Re) Enrollment Contract Setting is only applicable for the (Re) Enrollment Contract Payment Options control.

Title appears in the DAT and Finance > Contracts > Student Contracts - Option Selected as a means to search for selected (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options without dealing with complicated html markup and spacing.  You should provide a simple title to use in place of the detailed description.   Note: This setting is only applicable for (Re) Enrollment Contract Radio Button controls,(Re) Enrollment Contract Check Box controls, (Re) Enrollment Contracts Transportation Controls, and (Re) Enrollment Contract Transportation Multi Controls.

The “Add Fee” button adds a [[Fee][ field into the text editor.  This shows the amount that is associated with the selected product when a parent is viewing the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  If the product amount is changed in Finance, the amount is also changed in the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  The [[Fee]] field works much like an email field.  Note: Once a (Re) Enrollment Contract is submitted, the fee appearing in the PDF does not change if you change the product in Finance. Note: Whenever possible, you should not be hardcoding the fee in any text.  Instead, rely on the product fee being merged into the text.  By not hardcoding the fee into text controls for each profile, you will find it easier to keep any text changes in sync between the profiles, and only need to make sure that the correct product is associated with the profile option.  Also, any fees you override through (Re) Enrollment Contract Overrides will appear correctly.  If you hardcode the fees in the text, the fees shown in the contract text may not match up with the actual fees being charged.

The “Add New Option” button adds a new (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Option for a (Re) Enrollment Contract Radio Button control.

The “Save” button saves the changes you have made.  Note:  The changes are only applicable to the currently selected (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.

The “Copy to Other Profiles” button copies the current contents for the control to the same control in all the other (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles.  This helps save time and prevents the need to re-enter information for each (Re) Enrollment Contract ProfileNote:  If you have already set up the control for another (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile, do not use the copy button as it replaces your changes for the control in the other (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles.
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