(Re) Enrollment Contract Financial Aid Control

The (Re) Enrollment Contract Financial Aid Control is a (Re) Enrollment Contract control which presents all of the student's financial aid that has been entered in Fin Aid > Awards which will be applied to the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  The financial aid award needs to be for the same year as the contract and must not already be listed as accepted.  If there is no financial aid information for the student, this control is hidden on the student's (Re) Enrollment Contract.  There are no additional (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options for the financial aid control.  

Note: The currency is displayed in accordance with the Currency Symbol and Culture specified in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings.

Note: If the financial aid award for the student is supposed to be applied to the deposit, then you need to specify the deposit amount in the product associated with the financial aid award.

Note: If the financial aid category has a contract behavior of "Ignore" then financial awards in this financial aid category do not appear in the contract.
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