(Re) Enrollment Contract Holds

(Re) Enrollment Contract Holds are actions applied on a student record which prevent a parent from starting the (Re) Enrollment Contract for the student. The (Re) Enrollment Contract Holds page allows you to specify these hold actions and a custom message is displayed to parents for students having the hold action.

Note: The action added to the student must have the same academic year as the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  If the (Re) Enrollment Contract year is for 2013/2014, then the hold action must be for the 2013/2014 academic year.

Note: It does not matter if the hold action is the more recent action or not.  As long as the student has the action for the academic year of the (Re) Enrollment Contact, their contract cannot be started.  After the hold is resolved, you must delete the hold action.  Once you remove the hold action, the parent has to log out and log back in as the hold status is checked every time the parent logs in.  

Example:  Typical holds might be academic holds or financial holds.  For the hold message, you include a brief general explanation about the nature of the hold, the actions they must take, and who they need to contact in order to have the hold resolved.

Note: If you are using both (Re) Enrollment Contract and (Re) Enrollment Forms and the forms must be filled out first, you can create a hold action for all students who are filling out the forms.  Example: Suppose we have created an action called “Forms Not Submitted.”  You may name the action differently per your requirements.
    1.  Add a “Forms Not Submitted” action to all students who are completing both (Re) Enrollment Forms and (Re) Enrollment Contracts.  Make sure to use the academic year of the (Re) Enrollment Contract for the action's academic year.
    2.  On the (Re) Enrollment Forms settings page, specify the “Forms Not Submitted” action in the Delete Contract Hold field.  Once the (Re) Enrollment Form is submitted, this action will be deleted if it is present.
    3.  On the (Re) Enrollment Contract Holds page, add the “Forms Not Submitted” action as a hold with instructions and a link to the (Re) Enrollment Forms.
Parents who attempt to complete the (Re) Enrollment Contract first will be directed to complete the (Re) Enrollment Forms.

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