(Re) Enrollment Contract Pre-Setup

To set up the (Re) Enrollment Contract you need to have already created the following:

1. Set up the Finance > Ledger > Chart of Accounts.  The minimum requirements to generate invoices and accept payments for (Re) Enrollment Contracts are a Revenue account, an Accounts Receivable account, a Bank Account, and a NetAsset account.  Note: The Net Asset account has an account category called NetAsset, and is not an Asset account.

2. Set up Finance > Products > Product Categories.  Every fee in the (Re) Enrollment Contract must have a corresponding product.  Product Categories provide a way to organize your products.  Example: Tuition, Financial Aid, Class Fees.

3. Set up Finance > Products > Products.  Every fee in the (Re) Enrollment Contract must have a corresponding product.  The product description is shown to parents on the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  The amount used to calculate the (Re) Enrollment Contract deposit is specified in the Deposit section of the product, if applicable. Example:  You have a tuition product named Tuition Grade 5.  The tuition amount is $20,000.  The deposit amount could be specified as a precise amount such as $2000 or as a percent as $0.25 which would calculate the deposit amount as $4000. Note: Financial Aid also requires a product associated with a revenue or expense account to be set up - if you are using financial aid.  Typically, the financial aid product will be associated with a contra revenue account.  Note: Deposit amounts less than or equal to 1 are treated as a percentage of the product amount.

4. Set up Finance > Maintenance > Fiscal Years.  Fiscal years must be created for both the current school year and the next school year.  The fiscal years must be open to allow posting of invoices and receipts.  Deposits are made in the current fiscal year.  Invoices are created in either fiscal year depending on (Re) Enrollment Contract Invoice / Payment Setup.

5. Set up Finance > Maintenance > Payment Terms.  Payment terms determine the schedule of payments that the invoice is due.  Example: You might have payment terms for your tuition such as One Annual Payment, 3 Payments, 10 Payments over 10 Months.  For instance, the 10 Month payment plan could be 10 payments with 10% due each payment, and the first payment due July 1st.  The payment terms you choose to offer your parents are up to you.

6. Set up Fin Aid > Fin Aid Categories.  Financial aid categories are a way to organize financial aid awards.  Example: Scholarships, Books, Work Study Grant, etc.

7. Set up Fin Aid > Awards.  These are financial aid awards given out to students.  Note: The award must be for the same academic year as the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  If the accepted amount has been filled in, the (Re) Enrollment Contract does not display the award as it has already been indicated as accepted elsewhere.  The (Re) Enrollment Contract automatically accepts awarded amounts that are not already accepted.

8. Set up Security > Maintenance > Payment Configurations.  Payment Configurations are necessary to accept Credit Card or ECheck payments during (Re) Enrollment Contract submission.  If there is no payment configuration specified, payments are disabled.

9. Set up actions under Admin > Maintenance > Actions Setup for different scenarios.
    - Contract Submitted
    - Contract Not Enrolling
    - Contract Skip Payment
    - Contract Signed
    - Contract Financial Hold
Note: The actual names of the actions are up to you.  Note: For the Contract Signed action to be visible for parents on the Parent Portal, the action must have a read role of “Parent.”  This allows the parent to download the signed pdf version of the (Re) Enrollment Contract.

10. Set up Contract Administrator and Contract Test logins in Security > Users.
    - You need an administrator login to set up the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  Consider creating a ContractSetup login for this purpose.  The user needs the DBA Full role.  This user should be associated with a test household and student so that you can navigate the (Re) Enrollment Contract.
    -  You should have a non-administrator login with a test household and test student so that you can see how the (Re) Enrollment Contract appears to your parents.  The test student should be tied to the test parent household.  The user should be tied to the test parent household, but not the test student.
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