To create a new (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile for the (Re) Enrollment Contract, click the New link button in the grid.  Provide a Description and Filter, then click save.  Note: The available DAT Filters are based on student DAT Filters with the All Divisions checkbox checked.  Note: The DAT Filter conditions are stored independently with the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.  This means that if you change or delete the DAT Filter, the existing (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile is not impacted.  If you wish to modify how the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile works, first create a new DAT Filter in Admin > Students.  Next, edit the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile in the (Re) Enrollment Contract and choose the DAT Filter to use.

Note: If you delete a (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile, all the content for that (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile is deleted.  Please be careful when deleting (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles.  You can always create a new (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile, use the “Copy to Other Profiles” button, and later delete the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile you do not want.

Note: Each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile has a Students statistic which tells you which students qualify for this (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.

Enrolled Students Un-Accounted For shows a list of all Enrolled students who are not matching any of your existing (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles.  Since all students need to be accounted for, the only students appearing in this list should be current seniors who are graduating.

Students Match Multiple Profiles shows students who qualify for multiple (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles.  This number should be zero.

No Parent Login for Student Contract is a list of students who have any parents that do not have a login setup.  Such students’ parents are not able to start a (Re) Enrollment Contract.   You should create a login for those parents, and inform them of their username and password.  Note: If the number is not zero and the parents have logins, check to make sure that Households Status and Bill To Households options are correctly set in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Application Setup.

Profiles Missing Payment Terms is a list of (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles which do not have any payment term options set for them.  Such (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles result in an error when trying to create an invoice for students in that (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.  This number should be zero if you are using (Re) Enrollment Contracts to create invoices or process deposit payments.

Profile Control Missing Payment Terms
indicates that the (Re) Enrollment Contract Payment Options Control on the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile has (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options with no payment term specified.  Such (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles result in an error when trying to create an invoice for any students when the parent chooses the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Option with no payment term.  This number should be zero if you are using (Re) Enrollment Contract to create invoices or process deposit payments.
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