(Re) Enrollment Contract Section

(Re) Enrollment Contract Sections are containers which help you to organize the (Re) Enrollment Contract controls. The role of (Re) Enrollment Contract Sections is purely aesthetic and can be compared to use of paragraphs in a long document.  To access (Re) Enrollment Contract Sections for the contract, choose the Sections menu.  Some examples of (Re) Enrollment Contract Sections typically used in contracts are Introduction, Disclosure and Consent, Electronic Enrollment Agreement, Photography Permission, Tuition, Terms and Conditions, Payment Options, Lunch Plan, Transportation Plan, etc.  

Note: All (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles include the same (Re) Enrollment Contract Sections.  You cannot hide (Re) Enrollment Contract Sections for individual (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles or individual students.

Note: It is recommended to avoid having a (Re) Enrollment Contract Section dedicated to financial aid in a (Re) Enrollment Contract as such a (Re) Enrollment Contract Section will appear for all students whether they have financial aid or not.
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