(Re) Enrollment Contract Settings

(Re) Enrollment Contract Settings are settings which determine much of the (Re) Enrollment Contract behavior.  The (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings should be reviewed each year to make sure everything is configured as desired.  Each year, you will receive a new copy of the (Re) Enrollment Contract which you can update for the upcoming contract year.

Header Banner is the banner appearing on the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  The banner should be 926 pixels wide.

Student Criteria determines which students are eligible for parents to choose and complete a (Re) Enrollment Contract with.  This is based on a student DAT Filter which you create in Admin > Students.  Note: The DAT Filter condition is stored independently with the criteria.  This means that if you change or delete the original DAT Filter accessed through the Admin portal, the existing criteria for the (Re) Enrollment Contract are not impacted.  If you wish to modify the criteria, first create the new student DAT Filter .  Next, edit the criteria and choose the DAT Filter to use.  Note: Make sure that the criteria allow parents to start (Re) Enrollment Contracts for pre-enrolled students per the (Re) Enrollment Contract Enrollment Options Setup.

The following (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings are covered in separate articles:
- (Re) Enrollment Contract Application Setup
- (Re) Enrollment Contract Invoice / Payment Setup
- (Re) Enrollment Contract Admissions Enrolling for Contract Setup
- (Re) Enrollment Contract Confirmation Email Setup
- (Re) Enrollment Contract Enrollment Options Setup
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