Adding / Dropping Course Student Billing

Adding / Dropping Course Student Billing is used when adding or dropping a student from a course that requires payment, such as summer camp, summer school, extended day programs, etc.  To access the Add / Drop page, navigate to Finance > AR > Students > Details, then click on Add / Drops.  You need FinanceAR Full or FinanceAR Read roles to access this page.  When added, courses generate an invoice.  When dropped, courses generate credits.

Term is the term to show the courses for.

Year is whether to show Current Year or Next Year course schedules.

Include All Courses shows courses that the student does not normally qualify for.  By default, only courses that the student qualifies for are shown.  Qualifying for a course is based on the course's Min/Max birthdate, Min/Max grade level, Permissible Gender, and whether the course belongs to an Activity department.

The Current grid shows the current courses the student is enrolled in.  

The Available grid shows courses that are eligible to add.  Note: Courses listed in orange are courses that conflict with at least one course the student is already enrolled in.

Price is the sales price of the product associated with the course.

Invoice is the amount invoiced if any.  Note:  If you add the course to the student schedule manually on another screen, no invoices are generated or associated with the course.  You need to manually invoice for such a course.

Spots are the number of spots remaining available. 

Adding Course - Invoice to enroll a student in courses and generate invoices.

Dropping Course - Refund to remove a student from the course and generate a credit.

Note: Students normally sign up for these type of courses online.

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