Admissions Status by Division Announcement 2

Prior to the change to the Admissions Status/Substatus calculation, please review how the status and substatus will change after the update.  To review the change:
1. Navigate to the DAT
2. Under the PCR “(Imported)” category, open the DAT report named “[Admissions] Admissions Status Transition”  Note: If you have a dedicated Admissions division, consider adding a condition to limit the results only to the Admissions division.
3. Review the results.  To resolve differences in the status and substatus for a record, ensure that the actions for the record have an appropriate academic year and action date.  The calculation is similar to Status/Substatus Calculation - Student except the statuses are per academic year and are not inherited forward to new academic years.  Note: The status and substatus for this calculation are based on differences between the inquiry record's academic year, and the resulting status/substatus after the eventual update.

Here are some reasons that the status or substatus may not match:
- The academic year of the inquiry record is different from the academic year of the most recent actions on the record.
- There is a more recent action preempting the desired status.
- Someone forced the status/substatus to change by adding and then deleting an action.
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