Advancing Admissions Records - Current Academic Year

Advancing Admissions Records to the current year allows you to process inquiry/applicant records who are still interested in enrolling in the current school year after the school year has been closed (see Closing the School Year). This process will ensure that when you enroll applicants for the current year once the school year is closed, their grade levels and actions are accurate and their contracts populate correctly. Example: an applicant applied for the 2022/2023 academic year in December 2021. They submitted all required documentation by March 2022. At the time the applicant was in [current] grade 8, applying for grade 9. The applicant was placed on a waitlist since there were no open spots for grade 9. In August 2021, after the school year was closed and switched to 2022/2023 the school found an open spot for the applicant and offered enrollment. Note, that the applicant's current grade level 8 is now incorrect, as it should be  9 in 2022/2023, while still applying for grade level 9.

If you don't anticipate having many applicants who join for the current year, it may be easier to update their current grade level once you offer them acceptance. Otherwise, follow the steps below to process such applicants in bulk:

1.Navigate to Admissions > Inquiries/Applicants 
2. Search or filterall inquiry records who may potentially enroll in the current year. Note: You may want to save your criteria as a DAT Filter for reuse.
3. Starting from the highest current grade level, repeat the following process one grade level at a time: 
      3a. Within the search results from step 2, limit the inquiries to one current grade level. Example: use search criterion Current Grade Level = 11
      3b. Select all records from 3a.
      3c.  Use the multi-action “Update Fields” and update their current grade level id field to the next grade level. Example: if you used search criterion Current Grade Level = 11 in step 3a, then you need to set current grade level to 12.
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