Application Setup (CMS/Website)

The Application Setup page contains many general settings controlling the behavior of the Content Management System CMS portals and your website.  To access this page, log in as an administrator.  Click the “admin” link in the upper left corner, then navigate to Security > Maintenance.  You need Security Full or Website Full roles to access this page.

PDF Header is the header which appears on the Apply Online pdf.

Google Analytics is an id for page statistics tracking by Google Analytics.  The id is typically in the format of UA-########-#

Email on Error
is the email that is used for receiving possible errors or warnings related to your CMS application. Note: Typically, this email is set to the school's database administrator or main PCR Educator contact at the school. 

Payment Configuration is the default payment configuration for the website.  Payment submission widgets may allow you to override this default setting and choose a different payment configuration for that specific widget.  If no payment configuration is specified on the widget, then the default is used.

Timezone specifies what time zone the school is in.  This is used for scheduling email notifications, parent-teacher conference sign up cutoff times, and parent/student access to archived PDF reports.

Culture determines how currency is shown (decimal, thousands separator, negative amounts) as well as how dates appear.  This includes controlling the display format for financials such as customer statements.

Currency Symbol controls the currency symbol shown.  This includes controlling the display format for financials such as customer statements.

Favicon Directory allows you to upload a favicon to a directory for your website.

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