Apply Online Webinar Part 1

This article is an index with timestamps for the topics covered in the following webinar:
Apply Online Webinar Part 1

1. Intro
    a. This webinar will cover setting up the Inquiry Form and Online Application. link
    b.   If you have questions or suggestions, please send an email to
2. Big Picture
    a. Create a login “Apply Online Setup”  link
    b. Login to the Apply Online link
    c. Every Page has an Id link
    d. Pages in the Apply Online link
        i. Login page link
        ii. Inquiry Online page link
        iii. Applicant Profile page link
            - I'm sent to the Inquiry Online instead? link
        iv. Application pages link
            - Accessing site map link
        v. Thank you page link
    e. Automatic Email Templates link
        i. Inquiry Automatic Email - user credential link
        ii. Application Automatic Email - admissions record link
    f. Inquiry Attributelink
        i. Set up attributes  link
            - Attribute Range: Global vs Year link
            - Attribute Type link
    g. Most common widgets link
        i. Adding widgets link
            - Text link
            - Wizard Box link
            - Specifying a label link
            - Making a widget required link
            - Providing an example link
            - Mask for phone numbers link
            - Multiple line text box link
        ii. Editing existing widgets link
        iii. Deleting widgets link
        iv. Viewing the page link
3. Inquiry Form
    a. Modifying the Inquiry Form link
    b. Existing Parents and the Inquiry Form link
    c. Mandatory Fields link
    d. Inquiry Submit button link
        i. Actions on Submit link
        ii. Emails on Submit link
        iii. Error on Submit link
        iv. Send User Email options link
        v. Thank You Page location link
4. Applicant Profile link
        a. Delete Profile widget link
        b. Add profile widget link
        c. Applications widget link
            i. Academic Years link
            ii. Action when starting / submitting link
            iii. Applying for Grade Levels link
            iv. Apply Online Location link
            v. Title link
            vi. Submit Location link
            vii. Show History link
        d. Widgets show based on the Applying for Academic Year link
        e. Start a new Inquiry link
5. Apply Online Application link
        a. Typical Application Pages
        b. Applicant Info  link
        c. Family Info  link
        d. Applicant Essay link
        e. Required Forms link
        f. Submit Application link
            i. Application Summary widget link
                - Application Fee link
                - Waiver Codes link
                - Different Application Fees link
            ii. Application Submit widget link
                - Actions on Submit link
                - Emails on Submit link
                - Payment Required link
                - Process in Test Mode link
                - Payment Configuration link
                - Thank You page link
                - Thank You email link
        g. Add pages to the left menu link
        h. Remove pages from  the left menu link

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