Apply Online Webinar Part 2

This article is an index with timestamps for the topics covered in the following webinar:
Apply Online Webinar Part 2

1. Intro
    a.   If you have questions or suggestions, please send an email to
2. Custom Attribute dropdown example link
    a. Ask what term someone is applying for: Fall or Spring  link
    b. Set up the attribute link
    c. Choose the Attribute Category link
    d. Create the Lookup link
    e. Create the Attribute link
        i. Allow Customer Text link
    f. Add the widget to the CMS page using a Wizard Box link
        i. Field options: “Use all but selected value” vs “Use only selected values” link
    g. Move the widget link
3. Restrict widget and page visibility link
    a. Hiding a widget
        i. Restrict “What program applying for” to lower school applicants link
        ii. Add a Filter to the widget.  link
        iii. View page and the widget is hidden.  link
        iv. Remove a Filter from the widget.  link
    b. Hiding a page
        i. Hide scholastic info page link
        ii. Add a Filter to the page link
        iii. View a different page and the page is hidden.  link
        iv. Remove a Filter from the page.  link
4. Teacher Recommendations link
    a. Big picture - the parent requests a recommendation link
        i. Parent fills out teacher's contact information link
        ii. Teacher receives an email link
        iii. Teacher fills out recommendation link
        iv. Student recommendation is updated link
        v. Viewing the recommendation as an administrator link
    b. Setting up a recommendation link
        i. Setting up Email Templates for Actions.  link
            - Specify the Recommendation url link
        ii. Setting up Inquiry Action Attributes link
        iii. Setting up the Recommendation Action  link
            a. Set the Applicant role link
            b. Who can request Recommendations and when? link
            c. Associate the Action with a Checklist link
    c. Setting up the recommendation form in CMS link
        i.  Pages 
            a. Applicant Profile page, Teacher Recommendations request widget link
            b. Teacher Recommendation Request page link
            c. Recommendation Form page link
            d.  Recommendation Submitted Thank You page link
        ii. Set up pages in reverse order  - Thank you page link
            a. Finding the Recommendation pages link
            b. Recommendation Successfully Submitted page link
            c. Recommendation Form page setup link
                - Teacher Submit Recommendation widget link
                - Email on Submit property link
                - Thank You Page Location property link
                - Simple Recommendation Form property link
            d. Recommendation Request page link
                - Teacher Request Recommendation widget link
                - Navigate To property link
            e. Applicant Profile page link
                - Teacher Recommendations widget link
    d. Testing the Recommendation Form link
5. Events  link
    a. Set up an Events Action link
    b. Link the Action to Checklists link
    c. Create Event Categories link
        i. Close Sign Up # Days before link
        ii. Is Comment Visible link
        iii. Max Attendees Per Family link
        iv. Action link
    d. Create Events link
        i. Create Event Schedule link
        ii. Delete Event link
    e. Set up the CMS pages link
        i. Applicant Profile page, Events widget link
        ii. Event Calendar page link
        iii. Event Signup page link
        iv. Event Calendar page, Events Calendar widget setup link
        v. Event Signup page, Event Signup widget setup link
    f. Locating your event pages link

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