Applying Financial Aid Awards to Customer Invoices as Line Items

In order to apply financial aid awards to a customer invoice the customer invoice must not be posted and the financial aid award must have the accepted amount specified and not already be associated with another customer invoice.  To apply financial aid awards, navigate to the Finance > AR > Customer Invoice > Details page and click the “Include Fin Aid” button above the Total column.  Note: The button will only appear if there are available financial aid awards to apply.  Note: If the customer invoice is from the (Re) Enrollment Contract, you may want to have the parent resubmit the (Re) Enrollment Contract with the financial aid award instead of applying it manually.  If you apply the financial aid award after the (Re) Enrollment Contract has been submitted, then it will not appear in the (Re) Enrollment Contract PDF.  To allow parents to resubmit with the financial aid award make sure the contract has a (Re) Enrollment Contract Financial Aid Control and then you can (Re) Enrollment Contract Cleaning Control Options for Students.
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