Archiving Official Report

To archive official reports, navigate to Students and use the multi-action “Archive PDF.”  You need the Archiving Full role to access this function.

Before Archiving Official Reports, make sure all Marks and Comments have been entered into the system and approved.  Preview the PDF Reports for the students to make sure that the reports are correct and that you know which report card style and settings you will use for archiving.  Note:  You should only preview or archive PDF reports one grade level at a time.  Note: If the report is blank for a student, review the article Why is my report card blank when I run a report card pdf?

Overwrite when checked, this will overwrite an existing Official Report if one is present for the student.  Otherwise only new Official Reports will be archived.

Note: If you have students with an Academic or Financial Hold, you should archive those reports separately.  When the report can be released to parents, the Available Date can be updated accordingly.

Note: If a student originally had an Incomplete when the report was archived, the report can be re-archived using the Overwrite option.  Similarly, if there were corrections made to a student's grades or comments, the report should be re-archived using the Overwrite option.

Note: Archiving generates reports for qualifying primary households which now include primary households with a relationship of Grandparent.  Prior behavior limited PDFs to parents only.
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