An Ask is a system that can help by streamlining the fundraising process in order to engage new and renewing donors in a meaningful way and generate increased revenueAsks allow you to identify potential donors and then lead them through Identification, Qualification,Cultivation, Solicitation and Stewardship.. 

Contact refers to the Donor/Organization associated with the Ask. Note: Each ask is directly related to one contact, which means that every ask only has one contact.  However, a single contact may have many asks for different campaigns and funds.

Donor Ask Rating categorizes asks to distinguish different properties  Example: Rating 1 may mean that you expect the selected ask to result in a high dollar amount, so identifying it as rating 1 may help you to allocate more resources to it. Ratings are customizable.  Click the Donor Ask Rating hyperlink to add a new rating in the dropdown.  DBA Full role is needed to add a new rating.

Probability refers to the likelihood (out of 100 percent) that the selected ask results in a donation.

Assigned To determines the user in the system who manages the Ask.  This user is automatically assigned to tasks related to this ask and manages to-do items.  A user must have the Development Full or Development Read role to be assigned an Ask.

Note: To create a new Ask, follow the steps of Creating Ask.
Note: To create a Moves Management Track for the Ask, follow the steps of Creating Moves Management Track.

An Ask typically includes:

      - Ask Action
      - Ask Team
      - Ask Attribute
      - Ask Track
      - Ask Track Action

Once an ask is completed, Ask Result is recorded.  Note: To record ask results, follow the steps of Recording Ask Result.
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