Attributes are custom fields to track information for which no field already exists in the system. Attributes add flexibility to your record-keeping by giving you the ability to define and store special information about a wide variety of record types.  Note: Not all attribute types have the same fields available.

Attribute is the name of the attribute.

Data Type determines what data the attribute comment may have.
  Boolean is a checkbox
  Hyperlink is a link that must start with one of http:// https:// or ftp://.  The hyperlink shows as a clickable hyperlink on the records. Note: Hyperlinks have a specialized Hyperlink widget used to show hyperlink attributes on the CMS portal.
  Integer is a whole number.

Lookup Type allows defining selectable options for a Text type attribute.

Allow Custom Text appears if a Lookup Type is specified.  If checked, then choosing a lookup is optional and custom text may be typed instead.

Attribute Timing
determines if the attribute is added once to the record as a global value or if the attribute can be added for specific academic years.

Calculate From specifies a filter.  If the record qualifies for the filter, then the record receives the attribute.  Note: Calculated attributes are recalculated daily or if you press the “Refresh Calculated Attributes” button.  An attribute is also recalculated when you initially create or edit an existing calculated attribute.

Flag shows a colored flag on lists or in dashboards if the record has an attribute with the flag.  Note: Multiple attributes can have the same flag color and if the record has any of those attributes, the flag shows.  Note: If you mouse over a flag, a tooltip appears with the name of the attribute creating the flag.

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