Auto-Pay Results (Finance)

Whether the Auto-Pay Configuration (Finance)  is run manually or automatically, the results can be reviewed by navigating to Finance > AR > Auto-Payment Results.  You need FinanceAR Full or FinanceAR Read roles to access this page.  Here, all the auto-pays that have been run and when are available for review.  Click the date to see the profile for the Auto-Pay Configuration (Finance) run which includes information about the setup used and the invoices which it was run for.  Click “Details” to see the individual results.  Note:  An Auto-Pay Configuration that is currently in progress may be reviewed through these screens.

Each payment consists of three steps: A charge attempt, the creation of the receipt, and the creation of the fee invoice if applicable.

1) Charge step - If the charge step is successful, it shows “Success” and includes a transaction number which may be used as a reference with the Payment Processor.  If the charge step fails, there is a “Charge Failed” message and additional details which indicate why it failed.  Common reasons for failure include:  
    - Invalid Card or Bank Account information:  It is possible that some of the information was typed in wrong by the customer.  Alternatively, a replacement credit card may have been issued to the customer with a new card number, and they never updated the information.
    - Expired Credit Card:  Eventually credit cards expire and it is the customer's responsibility to update the card information.  This message can sometimes be misleading:  Payment Processors match the card information with the customer name and address.  If the name or zip code do not match, the Payment Processor may inaccurately return “Expired” as the error message.
Note: If this says “Waiting Charge”, then the Auto-Pay Configuration is still progress.  If no new charges have been made after a few minutes of waiting and reloading the page, the process may be stalled.  A new Auto-Pay Configuration (Finance) run will need to be initiated for the remaining unpaid invoices.

2) Create Receipt step.  At this point, the customer is successfully charged.  It is rare, but possible that the receipt fails to create.  In this case, create the receipt and any fee invoice manually.  If the receipt was created successfully, a link with the receipt id is visible.

3)  Create Fee Invoice step, if applicable.  It is rare, but possible that the fee invoice fails to create.  In this case, create the fee invoice manually.  If the fee invoice was created successfully, a link with the invoice id is visible.

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