Auto-Pay is a process for the automatic processing of payments using Customer Stored Payment Information.  Automatic payments may be used to Auto-Pay (Development) recurring donations or pledge payments.  Automatic payments may also be used to Auto-Pay (Finance) customer invoices.

To set up Auto-Pay, follow the steps for:
- Configuring Payment Configuration
- Configuring Stored Payment Types
- If the auto-pay is for customer invoices, set up Auto-Pay Configuration (Finance).  Customers can enter their credit card information or echeck information through (Re) Enrollment Contract or the CMS website. Finance module users can view stored payment information for a customer, navigating to Finance > AR > Customers > Details > Stored Payment Info.  You need FinanceAR Full or Finance AR Read roles to access this page.

- If the auto-pay is for processing donations, Auto-Pay (Development) is configured at the time of pledge entry.  The contact’s payment information is supplied when recording a new donation.  Review and update the contact’s payment options by navigating to Development > Contacts > Details, then choose Stored Payment Info in the left menu.  You need Development Full or Development Read roles to access this page.
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