CMS Template

To enforce consistency across your site, PCR Educator uses page templates. Page templates define the basic characteristics of each different type of page. They define which CMS widgets appear on a page, where CMS widgets are displayed, and the look and feel of your page. They also have predetermined locations with CMS Containers. 

When using a CMS Page Template, your page inherits these different characteristics from its template:
- CMS Page Data
- CMS Page Roles
- CMS Page Filter
- Unauthenticated Url

Note: Adjusting a page template changes all pages built with that template immediately.
To meet the needs of different areas on your site, you can have templates for several different types of pages such as templates for Parent Portal, Parent Portal with student selector, Teacher Portal, or public page template. Each different type of page has a defined set of widget that can be used within it. 

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PCR Educator K-12 School Information System is an online database engineered for independent and private schools to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design. Being a complete cloud-based solution, PCR Educator system guarantees convenient access anytime, anywhere.

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