CMS Widget - Sign up Summary

The Sign up Summary CMS widget lists the fees and discounts corresponding to course registrations.  The Sign up Summary widget is found under the Registration option.  Note: These registrations commonly correspond to summer camp sign ups, but may involve any sign ups where the student is registered directly into a course.

    - Schedule lists the dates and times the course meets.
    - Amount / Deposit / Total:  Amount is the price less the deposit.  Amount + Deposit = Total. Note: If there is no deposit amount, then the Deposit and Total columns are automatically hidden.

Course Description Page - Optional. This is a link to the page with the course description (Content - Course Page Presenter).  Note: If specified and Show Course Details specifies "Show New Page", a new column will appear in the summary grid for "More Details" which opens this page.

Deposit Product And Type - Optional.  Specify a deposit product and type.  The product applies once per year per record type.  Note: A new year is based around the school year closing date.  If they haven't received this fee since the last closing date, then the fee will be applied.  Note:  This is often used as a one time registration fee.

No Payment Label - Optional.  The text to be shown when there are no records for the summary widget to present,

Show Course Details - Only Show New Page has an effect on this widget.  The other options are only applicable to the CMS Widget  - Course Sign Up (Tree).

Show Waiver Codes - Optional.  This shows a textbox entering waiver codes.  Waiver codes are applicable for discount products that “Requires Waiver Code”.

Use Credit Balance - This allows applying existing credit balances towards sign ups.  Note: Eligible credit balances must be associated with the customer household signing up for the courses.  Note: All eligible credit balances are in the form of unallocated Receipts or Credits. Portions of the credit balance specific to a student can only be applied to that students' invoices.  Portions of the credit balance without a student specified may be applied to any invoices for the customer.  Note: Only invoices created during the submission will have credits applied.  Ensure that any unallocated receipts and credits have been applied to other unpaid invoices before turning on this setting.  Note: If the user still must pay a balance, the unearned account associated with the payment method is used when applying credits to the invoices.  If no balance is due upon submission, then the unearned account is determined in the following order:  The unearned account associated with the credit card payment configuration if available, otherwise the unearned account associated with the ECheck configuration if available, otherwise no unearned account is specified.  Note: The ledger for the credit balance is based on the ledger associated with the products for the courses.

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