CMS Widget - Standard Properties

The widget is shared by includes links to pages that the control is associated with.

Widget Name is a user defined name for the control.  This name may appear in the Reusable controls list and can be searched via Admin - Widgets.

Is Reusable places the control under the Add Control - Reusable Controls.  Reusable controls may be placed on many different pages and share all the same widget properties.  Note: Changing the properties of a widget on one of the pages affects its properties on all pages.

Filter determines if the CMS widget will be visible based on the filter conditions.   If the current user qualifies for the filter, then the CMS Widget will show. Note: by default when no filters are specified, all widgets are visible.

Users are redirected to the page specified in the Navigate URL property when they click on the widget title.  When enabled on CMS - Sitemap, Navigate URL serves as a dynamic source on CMS - Site Maps.  For more information, review Adding/Removing Page to Site Map through CMS Widget.

Some widgets can be configured to perform conditional logic.  For more information, review CMS - Conditional Logic.
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