Calculated Attribute

Calculated Attributes are an extension of Attributes. Calculated Attributes are used for the same purpose as Attributes. The only difference between regular Attributes and Calculated Attributes is that the latter are associated with a record automatically once a record fits the criteria associated with each Calculated Attribute.

Example 1: Staff attribute is typically configured as a Calculated Attribute because a school can set up criteria that any Contact associated with an active staff record should have Staff attribute. By taking advantage of the built-in automation, a school can streamline its data processes and increase data accuracy.

Example 2
: If a school wants to establish different membership levels, it may consider creating Calculated Attributes. For instance, a school may have Silver Level attributed assigned automatically to any Contact who gives greater than $500 and less than $2500 during the current fiscal year for Annual Campaign.

To create an attribute, follow the steps of Creating Attribute.
To record an attribute on a record, follow the steps of Recording Attribute.

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