Campus Basic Webinar 2

This article is an index with timestamps for the topics covered in the following webinar:
Campus Basic Webinar 2

1. Intro link
    a. Topic covered include Managing Relations, Daily Rotation, Managing Courses, Enrolling Students into Courses, Taking Attendance, Parent Teacher Conferences, and PDF Reports.
    b. If you have any questions or comments, please email them to link
2. Managing Relationships link
    a. Student - Household relationships link
        i. Linking households to students link
        ii. Changing Primary/Bill To/etc link
    b. Split/Switch households link
        i. Switch Parent order link
        ii. Split Parents link
    c. Merge Household Multi-action link
        i. Switch Ids link
3. Daily Rotation link
        i. Day Status link
        ii. Recommendation: Setup only one month in advance link
4. Managing Courses link
    a. Departments link
        i. Report Order link
        ii. Change Report Order link
    b. Advisory and Homeroom courses link
    c. Creating a new section for a course link
    d. Viewing sections for a course link
5. Changing a student schedule using the Conflicts List link
    a. Conflicts and Over Capacity link
    b. Switching sections link
    c. Drop a course section link
    d. Searching for courses to add link
        i. Search for Non-Conflicts link
    e. Bumped courses - student selected the course but did not receive it link
    f. Student Schedule PDF reports link
        i. Grid vs Grid2 schedules link
        ii. Send Email when Complete link
        iii. Additional conditions link
        iv. Remove additional condition link
6. Taking attendance  link
    a. Taking attendance by multi-action link
        i. Overwrite Existing Daily Attendance link
    b. Viewing daily attendance link
        i. Recorded attendance uses the daily rotation link
        ii. View period attendance link
        iii. Edit attendance link
            - Edit period attendance at the same time link
        iv. Attendance PDF report link
    c. Period Attendance link
    d. Multi-actions for attendance link
7. Parent Teacher Conferences link
    a. Overview link
    b. Updating Parent Teacher Conference manually link
    c. Unschedule a Parent Teacher Conference manually link
    d. Parent Teacher Conference PDF report link
8. PDF Report link
    a. Manage visible reports with Report Exclusions link
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