Client Relationship Management (CRM) Automation

Family Actions, Contact Actions, and Customer Actions are excellent features that allow schools to keep track of their interactions with a contact. Such actions may include scheduling a call, generating an automated email, creating personalized touchpoints, or simply recording activity on a family/customer level.

In addition to scheduling or completing an activity, Family Actions, Contact Actions, and Customer Actions feature an advanced customer relationship management tool that allows associating a customer with a predefined track of actions where each follow-up depends on the outcome of the previous step.

For instance, if you have a family that is interested in volunteering, you may predefine a decision tree that features such actions as Volunteering Inquiry, Volunteering Inquiry Confirmation Email, Volunteering Call, Volunteering Interview, Volunteering Assignment. In this case, Volunteering Inquiry Confirmation Email will be automatically emailed to the family once they complete your Volunteering Inquiry form.

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