Close of the School Year 2021 Announcement

It's that time of the year again! Summer break is nearly here! You know, it reminds me of that classic song . . . 

♫School's out for summer♫
♫School's out forever♫ 
♫Not really though, just a few months generally but it varies by district♫
♫You should know this, you work in education. It's actually pretty alarming that you don't know this♫

Alright, it's time to settle down and stop with the air guitar. That unforgettable tune was just a segue to our main point:

The Close of the School Year Wizard will be available starting July 1st! Keep in mind that you can send notifications to next year's families, and give them access to the Parent Portal (including next year's schedules), prior to closing this school year. As always, please plan ahead and reserve multiple business days with us in case you need support in closing the school year.

Note: The close of the school year wizard will not be available if your school exceeds the purchased database storage amount. Please contact for help addressing this.

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