Closing the School Year Close the Database Year Step

When you are ready, press the Finish button to proceed.  You will be presented with a page showing the current status of the closing process.  Each step is shown with a timer counting how long the process has been running.  So long as the timer is still counting, the Close of Year process is still running.  Note: This page can be refreshed/reloaded if you experience an internet interruption.  Note: If the page stays on “Please wait…” for more than 1 minute or if you reload the page and it indicates that the school year is not being closed, please contact PCR Support at 301-947-7380 ext 2.  Note:  Some steps may repeatedly start counting over again.  This is expected behavior when there is a lot of data to process.  Note:  Do not press the back button on your browser or close your browser.  Please wait patiently until you are directed to the last step to confirm that the close was successful.

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