Closing the School Year Confirm Teacher Categories

The CMS Teacher Portal has a widget which allows teachers to map their Gradebook Categories associated with a current year course section to a corresponding section for next year.  This widget is usually placed at the bottom of the Class > Gradebook Settings page.  If the widget isn't present, it can be added to the page via the Course > Gradebook Next Year option.  Note: If a teacher is teaching the same Course and Section next year, those course sections will automatically be considered mapped and associated gradebook items will be retained.

Example:  A teacher may be teaching Math section 01 this year, but next year they will be teaching Math section 03.  They can match their Math section 01 to next year's Math section 03.

Teachers that do not have their course sections mapped to a corresponding next year course section will have the following gradebook items cleared:
    - Gradebook Preferences for unmapped course sections
    - Gradebook Assessments for unmapped course sections
    - Gradebook Assessments no longer associated with any course section
    - Gradebook Categories no longer associated with any assessments

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