Closing the School Year Copy Scheduling Data

Closing the school year will replace the current year's schedule with the next year's schedule.  If you do not have a schedule in the next year, then when the school year is closed you will have no schedule in the current year.

Note: The automatic scheduling functions that allow for using the Master Schedule Builder and the automated “Load Students” DO NOT EXIST in the Current Year. If anyone in the school still needs to use those features, you should not close the school year.

1. Copy the current year Block Codes and Period Codes into the Next Year.  This should be performed in each division that has a schedule.

2. Copy the current year Course Sections to Next Year. Each division may decide to copy the current course sections for next year (and modify them as necessary) OR the division may decide to build all the course sections from scratch. Copying the sections must be done prior to Closing the School Year or there will be no sections when the school year is closed.

For more information about Copying/Moving Schedules, please see the section on Closing the School Year Schedule Next Year.
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