Closing the School Year Fix Different Courses with the Same Name

This step is to help you clean the data that will be placed into historical marks for the students. If there are no students and courses listed, you may proceed to the next step. 

If a student has two or more courses with the same name but different ids, these will be recorded as multiple different records in historical marks, and these records will show as 2 or more separate lines on the transcript.  Example: A student has grades for courses Algebra I - ID 123 and Algebra I - ID 456. The student will have 2 rows appearing on the transcript, both showing “Algebra I.”

- You have the option to export the list and correct the records after the close.

- You have the option to leave the wizard and handle the courses prior to the close.  Options might include:
    1. Moving all report card grades to one version of the course
    2. Manually recording a historical record for the student regarding this course, then removing their grades from the current year courses.
    3. Migrating Single Student Current Year Marks to History and correcting the historical record.
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