Closing the School Year Request Closing


All previous steps in the wizard must be completed prior to completing this step, and all divisions should be finished with any data corrections before completing this step.

Attendance Information

The Review Attendance page shows the total number of days that the student participated in school. This calculation is based on the classes they are taking and how many unique days the class met during the year, known as the Daily Rotation. The Daily Rotation can be adjusted by adding or removing meeting days for a suitable day of the cycle to further tweak these numbers.
Admissions Year

Admissions Year is the current (pre-close) year that your Admissions is currently operating with. This year is used to determine which notifications are retained in Admissions.

Request Closing

This step directs you to contact PCR Educator to request that our representatives perform additional closing steps.

Important Notes:
  • You do not need to remain on this page while waiting for PCR Educator to contact you.

  • It may take up to 2 business days for PCR Educator to respond.
  • The closing process is not reversible.
  • You should not make any changes after this step and before the year is closed.

Action Items

Wait to hear back from PCR Educator representatives before making any further changes.

Note: PCR Educator may opt to close your school year for you at our discretion. If you strongly wish to close your school year or have specific considerations for the closing timing, please inform us.


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