Closing the School Year Review Grades to History

Historical Marks are those grades that will be saved and used for future transcripts for your students.  The “Reviewing Grades to History” step lists all the grades that will be archived to history.

The listing in the wizard is performed by Division and then by the Mark Types associated with each grade. Check to make sure that the grades will be placed into history correctly.  Note: It is difficult to fix them once they have been archived by Closing the School Year, though there are methods for Updating Historical Marks individually and in bulk.

For Coordinators who are Closing the School Year, make sure that the staff in each division works with you and has “signed off” on this data to ensure that the grades are properly stored. 

Review the total number of marks to be moved, particularly for any counts that seem unusually low or different.  This could indicate that a new courses' mark types were not set up properly.  Otherwise, confirm that the totals for the various grade types are consistent with the number of students taking graded courses.

Note:  Term grades for course sections meeting only one term will be copied to the final grade for the course section unless a separate final grade mark type is present.

Note:  If you make changes when Configuring Mark Types, double check the Closing the School Year Confirm Include on Transcript step doesn't include new courses.
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