Closing the School Year Review Orphaned Grades

A student may have switched from one section of a course to another without using the “Transfer” button on the Conflicts screen.  In the case of a course set up as a single semester course, both the Orphaned grade and the student current grade (if any) will both be moved to history.  In the case of a full year course, one of the marks will be chosen arbitrarily.  Review any marks appearing in this list and note the “Orphaned?” column.  Note: If the “Orphaned?” column says “yes” then the student is no longer enrolled in that section of the course for that marking period.

If the student has both an Orphaned and non-Orphaned mark for the same course name, the orphaned mark should usually be deleted.

Note: This step shows any students who have more than one grade for the same course and marking period, but a different section.  A student may be legitimately taking multiple different sections of the same single semester course.

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